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Now it is time to start this journey and to take the first step to protect our basic human rights, from which all the overseas Pakistanis have been deprived for many decades. All the Overseas Pakistanis have identical issues, which need an urgent attention of the Government of Pakistan, to solve these issues on a priority basis. It is an accepted fact that the overseas Pakistanis are making a great contribution toward their countries of residence and also toward their country of origin (Pakistan), they always prove a valuable asset to the economy of Pakistan. The objectives of this forum are to help and protect the overseas Pakistanis human rights. This forum is completely impartial and all the overseas Pakistanis are entitled to use this forum to raise their voices through this forum. Unfortunately, the Government of Pakistan is not putting in enough effort even to identify their issues, and providing a solution without proper identification of these issues is impossible. For the identification of their issues a survey was carried out and through this survey, we are able, to pick the following 5 key issues:


  • Right to vote in General elections, in practice/ not in the promise
  • Fast track legal remedies / Disputes resolution ( to establish the special tribunals for their legal matters)
  • Right to hold public office
  • Create special seats for the overseas Pakistanis, in the Provincial Assemblies, in the National Assemblies, and in the Senate.
  • Right to be heard on other issues.